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Investigators are responsible for conducting preliminary investigations and follow up investigations. It is our goal to investigate crimes at the earliest stage possible, aggressively identify offenders and apprehend criminals in a timely manner.

Each investigator has an area of expertise and receives training in those areas along with other training dealing with Criminal Investigations. 

When a case has been reported to the Dooly County Sheriff’s office, the report is transferred to the Criminal Investigative Division where it is distributed throughout the division. During an investigation, investigators interview victims, witnesses and suspects that are pertinent to the case.

Each investigator is responsible for the gathering and securing evidence pertaining to a case. During the investigation, if it is determined that a crime was committed and the investigator has probable cause to believe that a suspect committed the crime; an arrest will be made and sent to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

It is the Criminal Investigative Division’s goal to assist the public in their time of need and help take offenders off the streets of Dooly County, Georgia.

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